PROFEET from NAF is Best in Test

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Hoof care innovation is a winner when put through its paces.

PROFEET from NAF has topped a Horse&Rider magazine hoof care ‘Best in Test’ with Farrier Solution.

Launched six months ago following five years’ research and development, Farrier Solution has also been evaluated by farriers on some of their toughest customers.

Horse&Rider testers said: “Farrier Solution was easy to apply and the thick consistency spread on evenly with wastage and drips kept to a minimum. 

“Hooves quickly absorbed the gel and they looked moisturised long after application. Farrier Solution comes in a handy size to fit in a grooming kit, is great for everyday use and brilliant value for money”

Strength and stability

The PROFEET product portfolio offers a unique approach to all-round horn growth, strength and stability, all year round. Internal support is reinforced by powerful external support. 

Farrier Solution by PROFEET is packaged in a handy container with a natural brush included for convenience and cleanliness. 

An easy to apply dressing, whatever the weather. Ideal to apply daily, to complete the tacking up process, before turnout, during stabled periods or ...
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Blended for deep penetration into the horn, it can help prevent premature cracking and drying, while protecting the hoof capsule from the outside. 

Farrier Solution helps defend the hoof from waterborne threats by supporting against contact with anaerobic bacteria. Importantly, it gives farriers hooves to work with.

Source: ETN

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