Learn the Equine behaviour and comunication. Build a strong connection and relationship.
Range of courses and clinics,call outs etc. English/Spanish
James Rudelhoff, born in the UK, moved to Spain at a young age. After finishing my education in Alhama de Granada and receiving my diploma was able to dedicate 100% to my passion… Horses!!!
Determined to find a more understanding and fair way of communicating with these sensitive and strong animals.
From the age of 4 I found myself eager to be around horses. I joined a local riding school and learnt a more traditional method, Uncomfortable in this approach to horses, I walked away with many unanswered questions, a desire to answer them and a strong belief that there had to be a different and more fair way to communicating with horses.
After moving to Spain we found ourselves rescuing a beautiful but sadly misunderstood mare “Bonita” Who started the ball rolling and unravelled my journey into the equine behaviour and psychology. Searching to communicate and understand the equine language
My journey led me to find Tracy James who’s softness and effectiveness inspired me further into this unique world of horse and human connection and had the pleasure of becoming her apprentice and later certifying as an instructor…
The mission is now to spread the word and bring horses and humans together in harmony, building a strong connection and relationship through mutual trust, respect and understanding; Giving you the skills to be a companion and a leader , to be able to influence your horse in the lightest and softest phase..
“Two minds becoming one”


Huércal-Overa, Huércal-Overa, Almería

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